Meng & Sacha

June 4, 2022 • Northfield, MA

Meng & Sacha

June 4, 2022 • Northfield, MA

Q + A

How are you handling COVID?

Great question! We ask all guests to be tested before they travel and after they arrive. If you need help finding rapid tests in our area, please contact Sacha.

The entire Saturday celebration will be held outdoors, regardless of weather, which will help reduce the chances of infection. The Friday celebration may move indoors if it is raining or unseasonably cold.

Lastly, the vast majority of our guests will be vaccinated. However, it is possible that some children will not yet be old enough to get vaccinated which is why we are taking extra precautions with testing.

Are children welcome?

The unfortunate fact is that our home is not the safest for young kids - there are lots of big rocks and ledges (literally) to climb and fall from. For this reason, we would recommend leaving young children at home for the celebration. If this would be difficult, or if you would like recommendations of babysitters in our area, please don't hesitate to reach out.

What's the dress code?

We don't see any reason why each of our guests shouldn't wear what makes them feel most wonderful. If that means a gown or jeans or a tux with tails - go for it.

Note #1: We will be outdoors so we would recommend shoes with no heel or a chunky heel that won't get stuck in the grass.

Note #2: New England is notorious for having weird weather so please pack accordingly.